Admiring My Bikini Or Compairing Bodies?

Good morning, everyone! If there was any doubt about it, this week has proved that summer is finally here! It has been so hot, I can barely stand to be in my apartment, even with the air conditioning running full blast. Of course, it can’t be all bad when I have such a beautiful beach to take refuge at. I’ve made quite a few trips there already and it’s been a total blast.

I was forced to buy myself a skimpy new bikini since Jimmy, Angelica and the rest seem to want to play beach volleyball almost every day. While I do love playing, it certainly takes a toll on my toe nails. It seems that I’m constanting having to stop at the salon and get them repainted. The sand does wonders for keeping my feet nice and smooth, but wreaks complete havoc on my polish. It might not bother some folks, but I love my feet and need them to be perfect in case I meet someone that wants to show a little, or a lot, of love for them.

Will she lick my feet?

The upside to beach volleyball with my friends is the opportunity it gives me to meet new people. Just this week, I met Jimmy’s friend, Sarah. I’m not completely certain yet, but she was putting off a strong vibe that made me think she might be into sex with girls more so than guys. It just seemed that she was checking me out from time to time when we were on the court and afterward, when we holed up at the tiki bar down the beach. Of course, you never can tell about girls. She could have just been admiring my bikini or comparing bodies. Perhaps I need an ego check and only think that every sexy girl I meet wants to lick my feet! Time will tell.

Looking for a bit of naughty fun!

In an effort to explore the situation further, I’ve made sure that she will join Jimmy and the gang this weekend when they come to the club where I tend bar. I hate it when I can’t go out and party with them, but at least they are nice enough to come and keep me company while I work my shift. Perhaps a few drinks will loosen up my lovely new friend and make it easier for me to find out if she is looking for a bit of naughty fun with another girl. If so, perhaps I can join them after I get off and see where things go from there. I hope I’m right.

Other than that, it has just been a lot of school work. Boring! We will be out very soon for summer break and I can’t wait! More time getting wet at the beach and hopefully, better luck with finding someone to worship my feet in a way that I can appreciate. I’ll keep you informed of any new developments.

Until next time, Ciao!