Sarah Was Indeed Ready For Foot Fetish Fun!

Hey there, everyone! Wow, is it still hot outside! I felt like I was melting earlier today just walking around on campus. Of course, the bright side to it all was that I spent the afternoon at the salon having my gorgeous feet pampered. After a outstanding pedicure, I got my toenails painted a bright baby blue with little white polka dots! So, sweet and sexy! That’s not the end of my exciting day, though.

I met up with my new friend, Sarah, for dinner. I decided to see if I could figure out whether she was trying to be friendly or perhaps interested in a lot more than that. With my feet all polished and pretty, I slipped into a pair of black stilettos with silver buckles and a tight leather dress. If she shared my foot fetish, she would not be able to resist me in these!

I had no idea that I would instead find myself drooling over her feet, as well. She stepped into the restaurant looking like my complete opposite in a white latex skirt and cropped top that showed off just how beautiful curvy she was. The white patent leather wedges she was sporting were open toed, showing off a set of perfecting pedicured red toenails to contrast with the all white ensemble. Had she dressed up for me or was she just dressing for whatever men might be looking her way. I have to say that between the two of us, there were many that couldn’t look away.

Anyway, I won’t bore you with all the dinner chatter and innuendo. Let’s just say that we had a blast. When it came time to go, though I still wasn’t sure if she was into me or had any interest in exploring my foot fetish with me. It’s just so hard to read people sometimes. Finally, she suggested that we go back to her place and have some drinks. I was optimistic that it would lead to something more eventful and I wasn’t disappointed.

She wasted no time after fixing me a drink in suggesting a foot rub. Now we were getting somewhere! Slipping off my heels, I placed my feet in her lap so she could work some magic and I have to say she really knew what she was doing, hitting all the right spots to sooth and tantalize. By the time we were into our second drink, there was no doubt about her intentions. Slipping one of my toes into her mouth, she began to suck it, sending chills of delight shooting up to my spin and cranking up my libido to the max!

I’m not sure how many of the details of what happened after that I should share with you. I do like to be somewhat discreet with my glorious foot fetish follies. Let me think it over and maybe I’ll tell you more about it next time. I’ll just let you use your imagination in the meantime. Goodbye for now!

Kisses from Helen

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