I Love Taking Control And Let Them Lick My Toes

How is it going, everyone? It’s been a busy week for me. School has been a real handful, but at least I’ve had some fun at night to help relieve the stress of it all. My new friend, Sarah and I have been hanging out practically every night after I get off work. It’s really great. It seems we both share a special kind of enthusiasm for a great pair of feet. We’ve been taking turns pampering our tootsies and then devouring one another afterward.

I tend to be a bit dominate when it comes to sex, especially with men. I love taking control, letting them lick and suck my toes like good little slaves. Normally, I don’t get to experience that same thrill with a woman. Sarah is different, though. She is such an enigma, a powerful woman who loves to be dominated as much as some of the submissive men I run across. I had her down on her knees kissing my patent leather boots and loving every minute of it. It was such a huge turn on that I had trouble controlling myself. It was all I could do to hold back while she was touching my feet and toes so intimately.

I think that is what I love most about my feet. It’s such a turn on to keep them so well tended and have people genuinely enjoy touching and playing with them. It’s like the most basic level of sexual pleasure to share in something so simple and erotic. Usually, I only get to enjoy having my feet worshipped. With Sarah, I get the best of both worlds. We have an incredible experience with our own version of sixty nine, suckling toe to mouth on each end. You can imagine just how hot the sex that follows that kind of action gets!

The best part is that we both also love men and what man can resist not one, but two women wearing sexy stilettos on their perfectly tended feet? Not one that I know of. Especially not the one that we picked up at the club where she and I often go. Later on at home, we had him between us on a leash, just begging us to let him kiss our feet. It was glorious. Needless to say, a good time was had by all and I think that Sarah and I have discovered a whole new way to enjoy our penchant for having our feet caressed.

Tomorrow, we are going to stop by a new salon to get one of those fish spas everyone is raving about. I know some people think that is a bit weird, but I think we will really like it. I’ll let you know. Afterwards, we are going shoe shopping for some kick ass open toe heels to show off our lickable toenails and feet. Then, we will see what other kind of fish we can get to bite. I’ll let you know all about it next time. Goodbye until then!

Kisses from Helen

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