I Imagined Sarah Down On Her Knees Licking My Feet!

What’s up, everyone? I’m afraid this week hasn’t been as great as last week. Sarah and I made it to the fish spa and well, I won’t be going back there. While I love having my feet pampered and worshipped, I think I have to draw the line at having them nibbled by fish. Sarah, on the other hand, loved it! I merely endured it, though I did come out with a great pedicure. It just wasn’t the same turn on I get from having the young Asian woman that works at my usual salon. She always rubs and caresses my feet as she works. It’s glorious.

We went shoe shopping afterward and I bought some killer stilettos. I almost came in my shorts as I imagined Sarah down on her knees licking her way around the red leather straps and up the metallic heel. I was so completely submerged in the image of my sexy feet and heels balanced across her shoulders as she went down on me that I barely heard the salesman asking me what I thought.

As it turns out, he had a vested interest, doing his best to get to know us. It would only make sense that a man working in an upscale women’s shoe store would have a foot fetish. Of course, it could be a bonus for us. My fantasies switched over to the discounts he could get us on Manolo Blahniks and Christian Louboutins as he practically drooled on Sarah’s feet.

Little did I know that his interest was not in us, but only in Sarah. I mean, I can see it. She’s a knockout and her long legs and delicate feet are utter perfection. Still, it was a slight blow to my ego. Then, insult was added to injury when she started spending all of her time with him and leaving me out in the cold! I guess I can’t blame her. A steady relationship is what she needed in her life and she wasn’t going to get that from me. My idea of longterm is with my pedicurist.

So, I’m back to the hunt. People sometimes think it is hard for someone with a foot fetish to find people that share their passion, but it really isn’t. You’d be surprised how many people out there are totally into feet. In fact, I met another one of them at the nightclub where I work later that night. They aren’t hard to spot because they are always checking out the sexy feet that surround them. All it takes is one conversation with them to draw them out.

Anyway, I have a date with him in a few days when I’m off work. He was very direct with his request that I wear the thigh high leather boots I told him I own with a short skirt and no panties. I can already envision him licking his way to the top of my sexy boots and beyond. This is going to be a lot of fun. See you soon.

Kisses from Helen

Licking my feet

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