I Put On The Thigh High Black Leather Boots He Had Requested

Hello, all! My date with the guy from the club went very well! I wore a very short plaid skirt and black tank top with no bra or panties beneath. To make the outfit even sexier, I put on the thigh high black patent leather boots he had requested. My legs were waxed and lotioned perfectly so that they were shiny and smooth. The lotion had a slight shimmer that reflected softly off of the visible portion between the boots and skirt. I have to say that I looked pretty hot in it.

I know that he was definitely appreciative. I wasn’t sure if he was going to make it through dinner without jumping my bones. Then, we went out to a club for some dancing and there was some heavy grinding on the dance floor. I’m pretty sure that some folks got an eyeful as my skirt rose up quite often as I whirled and twirled on the dance floor, giving them a quick peek at my lack of underwear. Of course, my date seemed to be pretty intent on my boots, as well. Somewhere around two in the morning, we went back to his place and got a lot more personal.

I was surprised to see that he had quite a nice place right on the beach with a private back deck. Within five minutes of arriving at his place, I was strutting around on it in nothing but my boots. He wasn’t far behind, stripping down to his boxer briefs and kneeling before me, begging to kiss my feet. Of course, I was happy to put him through his paces.

I watched intently as he ran his hands slowly across the smooth leather, trailing his fingers with his lips. He attempted to move on to my thighs, but a quick slap caused him to retreat, cowering back on his heels. I let him watch as I slowly peeled the boots off and offered him a perfectly pedicured foot instead. He was all over it, sucking each toe into his mouth and savoring it.

It was so hard to hold back with him suckling at my sensitive feet, but I managed to keep my cool while I continued to bark orders at him. He was more than happy to follow every demand I made of him. I made him take his time to enjoy every inch of my glorious feet before letting him bend me over the railing of the deck and take out his sexual frustrations on my dripping snatch.

Afterwards, we curled up in his four poster king size bed and fell fast asleep, but awoke early in the morning and started all over again. It was all pretty incredible. I will definitely be seeing him again and I will tell you all about it. Right now, I have to get down to the salon for my pedicure appointment. I’ll update you again soon on all my foot fetish antics.

Kisses from Helen

Licking my feet

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