Dreaming About My Sexy Feet And Toes

Hello! Today was a fantastic day. I spent all day at a popular new spa getting massaged and pampered. Most importantly, I got a spectacular pedicure. I don’t usually go for the trendy stuff, but since it is football season, I had them paint my toenails like those striped referee jerseys with a football painted on one of my big toes. It’s super cute and has been drawing a lot of attention from some pretty hot men. One of them told me he would love to tailgate me, whatever that means.

Unfortunately, I had no time for him. I had already made plans with the sexy guy I met that loved worshipping my feet so much last week. Turns out that not only does he have a total foot fetish, he also loves to be dominated.

Last night, he came over to my place to find me dressed in a leather corset and thong. It was topped off with a pair of high heel thigh high boots, not the pair I wore before, but a bright red leather pair that contrasted with the black corset I was wearing. He loved them and showed me just how much as he licked his way all around them and slowly made his way up my legs. He tried to take advantage and sneak a little lick or two beneath the rim of my thong, but I smacked him with my riding crop and he retreated back down to my heels where he belonged.

It was insane how hard he got just caressing my boots and dreaming about my sexy feet and toes encased in the bright red leather. I had him begging me to let him go down on me within a matter of minutes, but I wasn’t quite ready for that. I do enjoy being a tease. Instead, I bent him over my bed and gave him a spanking that he won’t soon forget. He’ll be lucky if he can sit down without wincing for days.

By then, I was pretty turned on too. He might have been submissive, but he was all man. Tall, bronzed, beautiful, with muscles that rippled across his chest and arms and a tight six pack. Even his freshly spanked backside was incredibly firm. I finally lay back on the bed and allowed him to slowly remove my boots, licking his way slowing down my legs and along the top of my foot before finally giving him permission to suck my toes.

We were both so hot that we couldn’t get enough of one another. I will tell you one thing, he has incredible staying power. He might not be able to sit for a few days, but I won’t be able to walk! Anyway, all that was just to say we had a fantastic time and I hope to see him again soon. I’ll let you know how it goes next time. Bye for now!

Kisses from Helen

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