He Kept Glancing At My Feet!


Well, this week was a lot better than last, but still very busy. I did manage to meet someone knew though. I was at the spa getting a pedicure when a man sat down in the next chair. He was the epitome of tall, dark and handsome and I was having a hard time keeping my eyes off of him. I noticed that he kept glancing over at me too, but especially my feet.

Finally, he struck up a conversation. It turns out that he is a sculpter. He was working on a statue of a woman and wanted to know if I would mind being a model for her feet and hands, since mine are so nice. I was extremely flattered by his compliment, but also curious to know more about him, as well. So, I agreed to come by his studio when I was done and let him use me as his muse for a while. What I hadn’t expected was for him to want to make molds of my appendages. I really wasn’t too keen on it at first, but he told me that he would first wrap a thin layer of gauze around them so that he didn’t damage my fresh mani/pedi. Plus, he offered to pay for my next trip to the spa, even throwing in a facial and a massage for good measure. I’d be crazy to turn that down.

After placing me on a pedestal, he took some photos of me before taking some close ups of my hands and feet. It felt a little surreal, but also oddly arousing. Once he was done with that, he let me move to a more comfortable chair while he wrapped my hands and feet very tightly. We talked a bit while he was working and I found him quite charming and humorous. He was definitely someone I’d like to get to know a lot better.

Finally, he dipped my hands and feet into some sort of rubber like substance. It was warm and felt like those hot mud baths I took once when I was in Arizona. Once that was done, I had to sit for a bit while it dried. We talked some more and he asked if I might want to stay and have dinner with him once we were done and I agreed. It was just a simple meal of stir fried vegetables and grilled shrimp, but the wine was fantastic and he admitted that he liked my feet for much more than just a model for his sculpture.

One thing led to another and we ended up naked on his studio floor with him sucking each of my perfect toes until I was ready to burst. He made love to me so slowly that it felt almost surreal and I could imagine getting used to someone like him. When it was over, we exchanged numbers and I went smiling on my merry way. I’m sure I will see him again soon and when I do, I will tell you all about it. Bye for now!

Kisses from Helen

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