I Found The Most Precious Little Shoe Shop!


I’ve had a simply grand week since I was here last. I found the most precious little shoe shop that has opened up not far from my home and bought several pair of shoes that hug my feet perfectly. There is absolutely nothing I love more than a pair of gorgeous high heels to accent my impeccably pedicured toes and long, lean legs. If there is even a single man in the area that shares my passion for a bit of naughty foot play, these babies are bound to catch his eye!

Speaking of men and passion, I’ve been visiting with my new sculptor friend that I told you about last week. What he has done with the molds he made of my hands and feet are simply divine! He has attached them to an existing partial sculpture he created and then dipped the entire creation in a mixed metal compound that makes it appear as if it is one whole piece made of metal. The swirled colors of the various metals he has used give it a unique look.

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I always marvel at people who are so incredibly creative. They have these fantastic ideas that they develop in their minds and then somehow manage to transform them into physical representations of what they want the world to see. I can’t imagine having that kind of vision and follow through. Even though the piece looks wonderful to me already, he assures me that he is far from done. I simply cannot wait to see what the complete work looks like. I have no doubt that it will be masterpiece!

After a lunch of chinese takeout, he took me down to the spa to make good on his payment for letting him cast my hands and feet. I got the works! A facial, wax, massage and mani/pedi that is to die for! Both my nails and toes are painted a sultry red color with tiny diamond chips. I was more than happy to show him my appreciation when we returned to his place, if you know what I mean. Needless to say, he returned the favor. I love the fact that he is so into worshipping my feet before working his way up to more moist areas.

I have to admit that I may have well met my match in the carnal pleasures department. I don’t know how this whole thing with him turns out, but the passion has been off the charts, so far. I don’t like to get pinned down to a relationship, but he might just be a keeper. I’ll make sure I keep you up to date on how it’s going, but that’s all I can say for now. I don’t want to jinx it, plus I have to get ready to see him again tonight! I have just the most exquisite pair of open toe stilettos for it too!

Bye for now!

Kisses from Helen

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