I Know A Guy With A Foot Fetish When I See One

Hello there!

I am so excited to tell you what happened to me today. I was at a local shoe shop and met a man that just fell in love with the strappy heels I was wearing. He was a bit older, but very distinguished looking, very sexy. Anyway, he was asking me about the shoes I was wearing and admiring the pair I had selected to try on. He suggested that he help me put them on.

Now, I’ve been around long enough to know a guy with a foot fetish when I see one, so I was more than happy to accommodate his desires and allow him to have his moment. After all, it would have been cruel not to share my divinely perfect feet with someone who is so taken with them. He took his time removing my shoes and examining my feet prior to slipping the new pair onto them to admire.

I would be lying if I didn’t admit it was a huge turn on for me. In fact, my panties were completely damp by the time he was done touching me so provocatively on my feet and even holding onto my calves as he pulled my foot up to give me a better view of the shoe on my foot. I didn’t miss the fact that he caressed my legs and feet very longingly as he assisted me. Once I had both shoes on, I stood and walked for him in them. I completely thought he might be having an orgasm from the look on his face.

Join Us Now And Live Out Your Foot Fetish Fantasies!

Anyway, by the end of it all, I was wet and he was obviously very interesting in seeing a lot more of me. I ended up with a free pair of shoes thanks to him and he ended up at my place worshipping my feet properly before getting so worked up that he couldn’t hold back. The man was a complete animal in bed and I enjoyed every single moment of it. I enjoyed it so much, in fact, that he is on his way back over this evening for another round.

I even went today and got a fresh pedicure today just for our little interlude. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that I have plans tomorrow with my friend the sculptor, either. I might as well get good use of my well cared for tootsies. He has finished the metal piece he was working on, so he will be in a celebratory mood. I am counting on fireworks of major proportions! The man has no qualms about spending hours on my toes and feet before working his way slowly up my ankles and legs to make me squirm with his talented tongue and mouth devouring my sweet center. I love it!

I have to get going for now. Shoe store guy will be here soon and I want to look so smashing that he walks in the door and gets straight down to business. Yum!

Bye for now!

Kisses from Helen

Foot Fetish Guy

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