I got a fresh pedicure and my fingernails repainted

Hello everyone!

Well, last week was shaping up to look like I might be alone for all of it. I did get a great deal of work done and took some special care of my self, if you know what I mean. However, toward the end of the week, I was really restless. I was all caught up on my work and still no prospects in sight. I decided to go to the spa and get a fresh pedicure and my fingernails repainted. Sitting in the chair beside me at the spa was a woman that I had met before and struck up a conversation with. She was one of those bored housewife types. You know, the sort that has a husband who is always out of town and doesn’t pay any attention to her even when he is not? Anyway, she was telling me all about her gardener, Juan Carlos. I couldn’t help but laugh at how cliche having a hot hispanic gardener came across, but I kept it to myself.

Anyway, she was telling me that the reason she was always in having her toes done was that it drove Juan Carlos wild. She loved watching him come in from the yard all shirtless and sweaty. Though she hadn’t done anything about it for a long time, she had recently decided to up the ante and see if he might be interested in filling some of her free time while her husband was away. As it turned out, he was and she said it was simply amazing.

She learned during their first encounter that he had a huge foot fetish. He spent hours worshipping her feet and toes. According to her, he kissed, licked and nibbled each of them, suckling her toes as if they were the most wonderful treat in the world. For a while, she said she thought that was all that he wanted to do, but then he rose from the floor where he was kneeling for her and the outline of his erection against his jeans was more than impressive.

Now, they are having sex every time he comes over to work in her yard and sometimes even when he isn’t, if her husband isn’t home. Looking at my feet, she commented on how beautiful they were and how well I take care of them. She said she had always been interested in being with another woman and loved my feet, as would Juan Carlos. It was proposed that I help her surprise him with a threesome in exchange for some freebies she could pay for in my name at the spa. It sounded like the perfect answer to my little dry spell. So, I’ll be meeting up with the two of them one day this week. I’ll let you know how it goes.

See you all later!

Kisses from Helen

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