My Feet Look Absolutely Devine - Smooth And Kissable

Hello folks!

I am so excited this morning. I spent several hours at the spa getting pampered and polished. The waxing was a bit painful, but they made up for it with the follow up massage and my mani/pedi. My feet look absolutely divine! Not only are they smooth and kissable, but she used the most incredible looking polish on them. It’s sort of a deep red with silver tips. I’m really loving it. It has been a bit cooler this week. Summer fades so soon and with it, all of my beautiful open toed sandals will go into hibernation. The upside is that I can now pull out all of the glorious pumps and boots I own. I hate that I won’t get to show off my beautiful feet so much, but love the fact that they will be such a nice surprise for whoever unwraps them from my sexy boots!

As a matter of fact, that will be happening later on this afternoon. Remember the bored housewife I was telling you about? Well, she and her hot little hispanic gardener are goign to slip over to my place for a bit of afternoon delight. They are both excited that they don’t have to rush around and worry about her husband coming home and I am thrilled to get my hands on the both of them! Juan Carlos, the gardener, has a total foot fetish and so does she, so I fully expect that my feet will be worshiped quite completely. I’m super thrilled to get back home and get ready for our little tryst. I plan on laying out some finger foods that we can share with one another, some wine and, of course, some nice foot massage oils. It should prove to be a very nice evening for everyone. I just love making new friends! Especially when it includes a nice little token of appreciation like the freebies she has already paid for in my name at the spa.

On my way home, I stopped off at a little shop near the spa and looked at some new wedges that I just adored. They were not my usual style, a bit more gothic than I prefer, but something about the way the shiny silver buckles on them accented the rich black leather drew me in. It was like buying an expensive briefcase for my feet. I am already debating whether to wear them this afternoon or save them for a special occasion.

I’ve finally made it to the coffee shop near my place. I love the ambiance in here. It’s so funky and fresh. Plus, it is always full of guys, some older, some younger, but quite a few more than attractive enough for my taste. I like to dangle my sexy feet and see who takes note. That is exactly what I’m about to do now.

See you all later!

Kisses from Helen

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