My two new foot fetish friends

Hello everyone!

I know you are all dying to hear about my threesome with my two new foot fetish friends and I am dying to tell you? I didn’t know what to expect since I only met the female half of the duo, but I was not disappointed at all in Juan Carlos! He was tall and gorgeous. His darkly tanned skin, dark hair and eyes were so sexy that I was wet before we ever even got down to business. It wasn’t hard to see at all while my little housewife friend had decided to fuck her gardner after getting a good look at him.

We all sat around and got to know one another with a few drinks and some finger sandwiches. It turns out that he’s not just a gardener, but also a medical student getting ready to start his residency. I think I’m going to switch doctors in a few years, in that case. I guess I had expected the stereotypical lawn boy with broken English and not very bright, but he was anything but that. I felt ashamed for having even thought he might be.

Then, he decided he had had enough of talking and got down on his knees, kissing his way up my boots and pushing my thighs apart to breath in my scent. He moved deftly between me and his housewife, taking his time to explore our feet and legs thoroughly before finally slipping my boots off to get right down to business. I took deep breath in as he slipped my toes in his mouth, one by one, sucking on them while he looked up at me, watching the ecstasy that crossed my face.

I was getting pretty hot between what he was doing to me and then watching him slip over to do the same to her. Stripping us of our panties, the turned each of us sideways, guiding our toes inside one another’s already soaked pussies so that they were nice and wet with each other’s juices. Then he pulled them free, licking them clean once again, tasting each of us off the other one’s toes. Pretty soon, we were all so horny that we could hardly stand it. We watched as he stripped down to nothing and showed us his magnificant hard cock before pulling us up from the sofa and taking our place. She wasted no time in sitting on his face while I impaled myself on his erection, riding him like we were in a rodeo competition as I watched him devour her soaked cunt.

The whole thing was so incredible. In fact, we’ll be doing it all over again later this week. I’ll let you know how it goes the next time. Right now, I’m all wet again just thinking about it and simply must attend to matters myself, if you know what I mean.

See you all later!

Kisses from Helen

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