All I had wanted was for her to use her toes to play with me.

I arrived at home at my normal time, finding myself a little more energetic than usual. All day I had been thinking about the fun I would have with my loving girlfriend of two years, Cassie. We had ben living together six months of those two years and it had been the best decision of our lives.

I walked into the kitchen to find her nearly nude, in only skimpy panties and a bra, eating an apple. Chuckling, I wrapped my arms around her tight and murmured my thoughts into her ear and hair.

"You should do something for me if I do that for you..." Cassie's voice was so syrupy sweet when she said what she did, I could feel my cock twitch in my boxers. Her fingers wrapped around my girth through the fabric, and my hands immediately launched to her head to hold her against my pelvis. Cassie knew just how to get to me. Sweet words, sweeter actions. Her tongue darted along my length through my underwear and it twitched once more, begging to be released.

You Should Lick My Feet

All I had wanted was for her to use her toes to play with me. I loved that more than almost anything. "What is it?" I asked, my voice terribly shaky. She liked doing this to me, I knew that much. She dropped herself onto the bed behind her and kicked her feet up, rubbing my chest gently with them. I sucked in my breath, squeezing my eyes. I was sure it wouldn't be anything too terrible -- it never was, from her. Her toes reached my mouth, gently running against my lip as she chuckled kittenishly. I grunted as my dick grew rock hard and I squeezed my eyes shut.

"You should lick them," she said. "Just a little. I'll give you what you want after." I grumbled impatiently. I knew in the end I'd be more than eager to, but as needy as I felt, it would've been such a struggle to keep my eyes off the prize. Before I knew it, my tongue darted out of my mouth and onto her soles, and I lapped at her feet desperate to get the attention I desired from her and her beautiful feet.

She laid her back on the bed and I was stuck standing, grasping her ankles as I rubbed my face against her. Before long, I realized I was going for far more than just the licking that she had asked for; running my hands up and down her calves and toes and exhaling heavily.

"What's going on, honey? You enjoying being my little foot slave?" I gulped, loudly. I didn't want to admit it at all, but this was definitely doing things to me. I could feel myself dripping and soaking my boxers, and I could tell Cassie was into what she was doing to me. "You look so needy, it's so cute..." Whining, I tightened my grip around her legs. Her feet gently brushed against my cheeks, and I shivered violently. One touch would be all it would take to make me explode at this rate.

It Soaked Her Legs And Feet

Cassie moved back down to my chest, kneading the hairs gently between her toes before moving to my stomach and below. Then she got to work, and holy shit was I close. Her heels rubbed against my hardness and without a second thought, I yanked my boxers down and let my cock spring up from the fabric cage that bound it. When I felt her touch me, it felt explosive -- both figurative and literal. Before I could say anything, I gasped and lurched forward, feeling my liquid spurt from member quickly and hotly. It soaked her legs and her feet, but I didn't have a care in the world.

When I finished myself off, I collapsed, dropping onto her form. She giggled softly and gave me a kiss on the cheek, murmuring words of love in my ear. In that moment, I knew most definitely that I had the best girlfriend. And I really loved her foot fetish!

You Should Lick My Feet
Image Source: Feets_irr / Instagram