How I Explored My Partner’s Hidden Foot Fetish Desires

Foot fetish is one of the most commonly found fetishes in the entire world; there are millions of people living in different countries with a thing for feet. People can do almost everything to worship the feet of their partners and have them worship theirs, too. Unfortunately, some of such people are quite introverts or fear being degraded for the kind of feelings they have in their hearts. Thus, rather than submitting to their desires of foot fetish, they give up on their fantasies and stick to the same old lame techniques of pleasing themselves and their partners in bed. But is it necessary to give up on your fantasies and fetishes?

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Not really! I am a woman, and I know how it is to have fantasies that you can't achieve in your life; most of the people think that it is ugly for women to have sexual fantasies. There was a time when I was not at all open to the idea of foot fetish, especially when I watched the porn video that my boyfriend shared with me. I thought it was gross and the idea disgusted me, nothing to hide about it! But then on the night of his birthday, I wanted to surprise him in the most seductive manner. I got this beautiful red colored nightgown and decided to give him what he had always been asking for – turning his foot fetish fantasy into reality. He had had a few girlfriends in the past, but he had never expressed or shared his fetish with anyone; he had once told me that right from the time he saw me wearing beautiful red colored shoes, he wanted to kiss my feet and make me kiss him as well. So I decided the time had come for the same.

But before I tell you about what happened that night, you have got to know a little more about foot fetish. Read below to know everything:

What is foot fetish?

When a persona gets sexually turned on by looking, smelling or touching the feet of his partner, he has a thing for feet. People often confuse foot fetish with a shoe fetish; those, with the former, crave to give and get a foot job. They adore the look, feel, touch and smell of the feet and not the shoes of their partners. Here's the biggest difference – there are people, who like it when their partners wear beautiful high heeled shoes; they have a shoe fetish; on the other hand, there are people, who like looking and touching the feet of their partners; they have a foot fetish. They like doing different things to the feet of their partners. It is a major part of BDSM as well, wherein the master or mistress makes his or her slave do dirty things to his or her feet.

Is foot fetish a common fetish to have?

Foot fetish, as mentioned earlier, is a very common kind of fetish. When you visit different websites related to various fetishes, you see that a lot of individuals have a thing for the feet of their partners. At least to me, all these forums with people discussing their foot fetish proves that it is quite common.

Do women have it too?

Yes – women crave for feet worshipping too! If you ask me, I adore foot fetish (even though I didn’t like even the thought of it, earlier). Right from the time I did it for the first time with my partner, I have liked it the most!

Why is it so attractive with sexy feet?

Look at the feet of your partner, someday, and put yourself in the shoes of those, who have a thing for feet. Imagine the beautiful moist smell of your partner's scented feet filling your lungs as you inhale them right through your nose; imagine pressing your nose against his foot and tickling it, blessing him with the sensations that he has never felt before… Imagine pouring a little bit of chocolate on his toe and feasting on it for hours together! This is no hyperbole – I have worshiped my boyfriend's foot for more than 40 minutes!

How do I know if I have a foot fetish?

All you need to do is try it – if you can worship your partner's feet in an efficient way and if he does the same for you too and if you like it, you surely have a thing for feet! Unless you try it, you don't know if you crave for this fantasy or not. Trust me I have experienced it, and hence I know! I didn't like the video that I saw, but when I tried it, I was on cloud nine! I do it every time for my boyfriend before we get into the main play!

How was my experience when I had it in the foot fetish style?

It was splendid! Here’s how the entire thing went for me that evening:

So there I was, standing in this one piece red colored nightgown, which of course had red colored bra and panties inside. The one piece gown was of exclusive material; I purposely wore red high heeled sandals to entice my partner just with the look of it. He was not sure of what he was about to get because I had told him to give up on his craving for foot fetish, long ago. But since it was his birthday, and I wanted to make it special for him… I dressed up to nail it for him!

As soon as I opened the door and he saw me in the outfit, he had these beautiful expressions in his dark green eyes. The look that he gave to me when he saw me was out of the world. His sea green eyes suddenly turned deeper, and my heart started pounding; I was nervous because I had never done such a thing before for anyone in my life; since I had always loved him madly and deeply, I had to do it for the sake of his happiness. It is simple – if your man can spend an hour between your legs, just to please you with his tongue, his fantasies deserve to be transformed into realities, too! I pulled him inside the house and took him to my room, without saying a word. When he opened the door entered the room, helium balloons were touching the ceiling. He had this incredible look on his face; his eyes were back on me. When I wished him Happy Birthday, he placed a deep kiss on my lips. We stood in the shadows of the balloons. I switched off the lights, and he saw the LED candles, their reflection sparkling on my diamond-bleached skin. My red lipstick looked glorious when he held me, and I saw our reflection in the large mirror on the wall.

It was time. I pulled him closer as we hungrily feasted on each other's lips; I pushed him into the bed and made him sit. As I got on him, I rubbed my whole body against his; I began wildly kissing his neck and finally moved down. At first, he thought he was going to get a blowjob… but it was much better than what he had in his mind!

As I went to his feet and took his shoes off, he knew what I was up to. He tried stopping me, but I gently pushed him. I kissed his beautiful toe. The moment I did it, there were butterflies in my ‘spine’ this time and not in my stomach anymore. The chilling sensation was so wild that I could barely speak. My eyes closed automatically as my lipstick left its trail on different pores of his foot. The smell of his beautiful foot was so enticing that I could barely think of anything else except for his presence in my room.

After a few moments of kissing his foot, I took it down and pressed it against my breasts. He grabbed my nipple between his toe and the second finger; as I kept taking it down, I stood and humped on his toe for a while. My wetness was right on the tips of all of his fingers; I slid his toe inside the panties and allowed myself to hump on it for a while. I felt him pinching both of my nipples by his hands, and I felt like I was in heaven.

The next thing I know is that he pushed me down on the surface of the bed… he kissed me and moved down licking every inch of my body. As he reached down to my feet, he took off my shoes and kissed my right foot in the most sensual way. There he was… my handsome man was seducing me even more by kissing, licking and smelling my feet. He did it so perfectly that I felt like I was learning something new.

The entire thing went on for around two hours; from then, we always get indulged in ‘foot sex,' whenever we can!

This is how I explored my partners foot fetish