I Gave My Partner A Surprise Foot Job

Things have been going pretty well between my boyfriend and I but our sex life has gotten into a regular routine. I wanted to spice things up a bit and thought about how I could surprise him. I remembered that he likes it when I wear heels and get my toes pedicured and sometimes he'll give me a foot massage while we're watching TV. I don't know if he has a foot fetish exactly, but he's definitely got a bit of interest in my feet so I went with that.

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Later that night I came into the bedroom and saw him sitting in bed and playing around on his laptop. I got on the end of the bed and crawled until I was sitting with his knees. He looked up at me and smiled, probably thinking that tonight he was going to get lucky. I leaned forward, shut the laptop and took it away from him. He started reaching for me, but I pushed him back and began undressing him. When he was naked I sat back down and put my feet in his lap. "I want you to play with them." I said and kneaded my toes into his soft dick. He seemed surprised, but in a good way and he sounded hopeful as he asked "Are you sure?" I told him I was and nudged his hand with my foot. The bottom of my foot rested by his dick as he held it and began to massage it. His fingers pressed into my soft skin and it felt good, making me moan and tell him to keep going. He hunched over and I felt a puff of air as he started smelling my feet. I wondered what they smelled like as he breathed in my smell and I felt him get harder under my heel. I lightly rubbed my heel on him until he was his full length and gave him some real attention. I gently took my foot out of his hand and leaned back on my hands as I put my feet around his dick. I could feel him twitching and throbbing on my soles as I pressed them around him. I gave his dick a small tug near the head and saw him take a deep breath. I'm guessing it feels better than he was expecting and I started to jerk his dick faster. I got into a fast, steady pace and could feel the tug of his shaft between my feet. He breathed harder and pre-cum leaked down his head as I got him more worked up. He put his hand on the side of my foot and stroked me with his thumb as he pushed up, fucking himself between my soul as he groaned and grabbed at the sheets with his other hand. I watched as he began to cum, strings of it shooting out of him and landing on me with wet splats. I kept moving my feet as the blobs of cum got less and less.

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He let out one last groan, then closed his eyes, his hand relaxing on my foot as he began to ease up. I kept my feet around him until he began to soften, then gently took them off him so I could move up the bed. I snuggled up beside him and he put his arm around me, holding me close. I'm so glad I gave him a foot job, he loved it and I think it's added a bit of spark to our relationship.