Is it normal to have a foot fetish?

I've known for a long time that I have a foot fetish but I don't know if it's normal for a grown man to get turned on by feet. It's not something I can ask my friends about so I've been spending a lot of time on Google to see if there are other guys like me. It turns out that there are and there are tons of websites just for people with a foot fetish. I also found this site, Foot Fetish Partner, that is a dating site that catered to foot fetish lovers and joined to see if I could find a partner to hook up with. I found Anna's profile and she was willing to meet this weekend to have her feet worshiped. I told her I was free and we made arrangements.

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We met at a hotel and I noticed that she was wearing a pair of heels that showed off most of her feet and her pedicured toes. I couldn't wait to feel them. Anna said to get naked and I felt her eyes on me as I took my clothes off. When I was done she told me to get down on my knees so I could lick her feet clean. The carpet scratched my knees as I knelt in front of her and she lifted her foot up. I slid her heel off then did the same with her other foot. "We'll be here for a while so might as well be comfortable." she said and sat down on the bed. She made me crawl to her new spot and only then did she allow me to lick her feet clean. I held her foot in my hand and leaned forward, putting her up to my mouth. I took a second to smell her and got a whiff of sweat and soap. I stuck my tongue out and licked along the top of her foot and over her toes. She wiggled them and curled them against my tongue, pressing them into me. I tilted my head and closed my lips around her big toe. I licked and sucked on it before moving to her next toe. I took my time and did all ten of her toes, making sure to lick between them too. The taste of sweat was stronger there and her foot tasted drier on the sides. After I finished licking the sides I did the bottom of her feet and only stopped when she was covered in thin streaks of my spit. She shifted and turned to the side so she could examine her feet. "You did a good job." she said with a smile and looked back at me, her eyes going down to my hard throbbing dick. "Let's see if I can take care of that." she told me and moved back to her place in front of me. She put her feet in my lap and moved the so they were around my dick. She began to move them up and down, pumping my shaft in a slow, steady pace. I felt good to have her soft warm soles on me and I put my hand on her, to keep her there. There was a slight wetness on her from my spit and I could still taste her. Her feet moved faster and my balls started to inch up. My body felt tighter and my hips rocked up, my dick pushing between her feet. We moved together and I groaned as my body shook. I closed my eyes and came all over her. She never stopped and it felt so good as she kept pumping my shaft until I was done.

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She took her feet off me and I missed the warm heaviness of them. Luckily she's agreed to meet again so I'll be able to play with her feet again soon.

Is It Normal To Have A Foot Fetish