I have a foot fetish that my wife doesn't know about. She thinks I'm being a sweet, loving husband when I treat her to a manicure and pedicure every month. The truth is I just love seeing that shiny red polish on her soft white toes. Her last one was yesterday afternoon and she unknowingly teased me later that night while we were in bed.

We were lying next to each other on top of the covers, I was on my laptop and she was playing with her phone. Her legs were crossed and her feet were just there, practically begging me to look at them. I kept sneaking looks at them and finally asked Jenny if she had enjoyed her spa day. She said she had and I put the laptop down, moving over to her feet.

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"Well, let's see if I can make the day even better." I said and picked her foot up. It felt warm and heavy in my hand and I slowly began to massage it. She moaned and murmured that I was the best husband ever. Her foot looked so soft and clean I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to lick one of her toes. I felt sick with butterflies, but I just had to see what it was like. I stuck my tongue out and gave her big toe a lick on the bottom of it quickly before putting my mouth on it. I heard Jenny gasp, but didn't look up; I was too afraid of her being weirded out and kept going. I figured she'd stop me soon enough. There was a slight taste of soap and I began sucking on her, my tongue flat on her toe. I did it for a minute and she didn't try to stop me. I moved my tongue around her toe, feeling it and tasting it to see all the different parts of it. The nail polish felt slippery and reminded me of paint while the rest of her foot felt fleshy and soft. I slid my tongue over her toe one last time and slipped it out of my mouth, then moved on to the next one. I popped it into my mouth and this time Jenny wiggled her toe against my tongue.

She did it gently, like she was testing it out. It felt good to have her be okay with this and I began to relax. I sucked on her toe just like I'd always wanted to and kneaded the top of her foot with my fingers while I did it.

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I ended up sucking and licking every single one of her toes and when I was done, they sparkled with a thin layer of spit. I got up my courage and looked at her as I moved back up the bed. She seemed curious, not disgusted at all like I thought she would be. "Well, that was different." she said and I knew that tone well. She had liked it even though it wasn't something she was into and it was a good bet that she'd let me do it again next month when she had her pedicure.