You Are My Foot Slave - Lick My Boots

A man at my feet is such a power rush, especially if he's down there because he has a foot fetish. I was on one of my favourite hookup sites and found this guy who had a huge foot fetish and was looking for the right woman to serve. Desperation and desire to please surrounded him so I got in touch and arranged a date. Just before leaving for the bar I put on my favourite black boots and wondered how nuts he'd go for them. When I got there we had a few drinks then I suggested moving things to my place. He knocked his beer back so fast I was surprised he didn't choke.

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The first word out of my mouth when the door shut behind us was "Get naked then get down on your knees." He took his clothes off faster than anything and knelt down. "Lick my boots clean." I told him and pushed my foot towards him. He bent his head low and stuck his tongue out, licking along the top of it. He gave it a long swipe and slowly moved across then down the side. His spit was shiny on the black leather and he gagged a bit when I tilted my foot back and made him lick the sole. I told him to stop whining and make sure he got every spot.

He licked along the top of my foot first

He did and moved onto my other boot, taking just as much care as he did with the first one. When he was done I pushed my foot into his lap, grinding my heel against his hard dick and told him to take my boots off. He unzipped them, slid them off and I told him to lick my sweaty feet clean. He licked along the top of my foot first and when he got to my toes I wiggled them against him. "Lick between them too." I told him and his movements slowed down as my sweat covered his tongue. His tongue felt rough and it tickled as he flicked between them and I saw how much he liked the smell and taste of me. I nudged his hard dick with my toes and said "You're going to jerk off for me right now and make my clean little toes all messy." I wiggled my toes as he stared at them and put his hand on his dick. He gave it a few slow strokes with one hand while his other hand touched my wet foot, caressing me and fueling his desire.He grunted and moaned over my feet as he quickly jerked his dick. He wasn't the type that would last long and I lifted my foot, rubbing it on his balls. They felt warm and heavy on me and knew he'd give me a big load,

He arched over my feet I felt wetness land on me as he started to cum all over them. He pumped his dick until he had gotten the last out of him and straightened up. A string of cum was between his tip and foot and it fell on me as he moved away. I looked down at the mess he had made on me and said "Look at that, now how am I going to get clean again?" A look of excitement flashed in his eyes as he wondered if I was really going to let him keep playing. "Well?" I said and he grinned.