I Love Being Fucked Wearing Boots!

Since my late teens I have become increasingly aroused by the idea of being fucked while wearing a pair of boots. I also have developed quite a strong foot domination fetish.

Many guys are put off by the idea and find it weird. To me there is nothing weird about it. My encounters with men who enjoyed to be dominated and enjoy boot were few and far between. Usually the only way I would get them on board with it was to find a guy who was quite drunk on a night out and hoped that he would roll with it.

My Feet Links

He Invited Me For A Little Foot Fun

In order to explore this aspect if my sexuality more often, I decided to join a specality foot fetish site. This is where I met peter. We chatted online for a while and one evening he eventually envited me over of a bit of 'foot fun'.

In arrived at his house wearing a nice slim fit black dress and a pair of my knee high black boots.

I could tell By his reaction when he opened the door that he was very impressed. We didn't waste any time. He took me by the hand and led me over to his couch. We kissed for a bit to get warmed up, he used his hands to gently caress my thighs.

I Took Advantage Of My Foot Slave!

After a short while I decided I wanted to take full advantage of my foot slave, "Get on the floor and worship these magnificent high boots" I barked at him. He jumped to attention got down on his knees and started to kiss my boots. He started on the tip of the toe and worked his way up to the knee, every now and then he would lick the shiny material on my boots. I loved having my own personal foot slave. "Take off my shoes and worship these feet", I commanded. He started to slowly remove my boots making sure to kiss and caress my legs as he did so. He then revealed my foot which had the toe nails painted red.

I think the fact my foot was so perfectly manicured really turned him on. I could see the bulge of his throbbing erection through his jeans. He started to kiss my feet. He started on the soles of my feet and worked his way around. Every now and again he would lick my toes or rub my foot against his cock.

It Was Time To Give Him A Footjob

When it got to the point where he was starting to whimper every time my foot touched his cock I knew it was time to give him a footjob.

He grabbed some baby oil from his bathroom and poured it on his cock. His cock was massive. I gently cupped his cock with my feet and started to stroke away. He moaned heavily. As he got close to the climax he grabbed my feet and fucked furiously. He shot a massive load all over my feet. It was very hot.

After that encounter Peter and I decided to meet up on a regular basis.

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