My Last Foot Fetish Sex Session In Philadelphia

John and I have been living in Philadelphia for eight years now but are moving next month. We like living in Philadelphia but I want to be closer to my parents who are getting older. We still had a ton of packing to do and John decided to tackle the hall closet while I was out getting groceries. When I got home I used the side door sine it opened into the kitchen and put the food away. Usually John comes to help me but he didn't this time and I figured he must be busy. I decided to go help him and went to the hall closet. That's where I found my dear, sweet husband sitting on the floor with his eyes closed and smelling one of my old, sweaty sneakers.

John was holding my sneaker in one hand while his other hand rubbed himself through his jeans. It threw me at first; I had no idea that he was into this and I watched him for a minute.

I don't think there should be secrets between us so I quietly went over to him and knelt down beside him. He jumped when he noticed me and got all embarrassed. I asked him what he was doing and he stared at the floor as he told me he had a foot fetish. i told him that it was okay if he had a foot fetish but he still seemed upset so I showed him just how okay it was.

I took him into the bedroom and we got undressed. I took my socks off last and noticed my feet felt a bit sweaty. I thought he'd like that considering how much he liked my sneaker so I was going to give him more. He stood there awkwardly so I took the lead. I pushed him down on the bed and sat beside his head. I leaned back on my elbows and put a foot over his nose, letting him smell them. "Do you like that?" I asked and he nodded. I then moved my foot down and pushed a toe into his mouth. His tongue tickled me as he licked it then he put his lips around me. He sucked on my toe as his tongue moved over it. I could see his dick twitching and throbbing as he made little moaning noises. I slid my toe out of his mouth and put my feet on his face, pressing down on his nose and mouth.

I could feel his breath on my sole and it tickled so I wriggled my toes.They brushed against his cheek and I felt his mouth move as he smiled. I knew he had liked that so I did it again. He reached down with one hand and put it around his dick while he put his other hand on top of my feet. He began to jerk off as his thumb caressed the top of my foot. He rubbed me harder as he stroked himself faster and I kept my feet firmly on him. His moans got louder and I felt him grunt as he began to cum.

I kept my feet on him until he was finished and took his hand off me. I moved away as he wiped himself off with the sheet and told him that from now on we'd occasionally explore his foot fetish.

Foot Fetish Sex In Philadelphia