My Foot Fetish Addiction

In most ways, I would describe myself as a typical person. I’ve got a normal job, car, interests, looks, etc. However, there is one thing that is different about me when I’m compared to lots of the people I meet - I have a foot fetish addiction.

As long as I can remember, I’ve loved feet. Even when I was a young kid, I enjoyed seeing bare feet or feet in nylons. Of course, I didn’t understand why I liked it so much back then, but my addiction was still there. When I was in school, I loved it when it got close to summer and all the girls wore sandals and and open shoes. Other people liked their short skirts, but not me. The same went for during summertime when my family would go to the beach. Instead of looking at bikinis and swimsuits, I’d stare at girls’ feet as they wrinkled their toes and played with the sand - I just couldn’t help myself.

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As I got older and started dating, my foot fetish became a problem. I’d meet wonderful girls and we’d go out, but when they learned about my addiction, they wouldn’t always like it. It especially bugged me that some of them wouldn’t even let me kiss their feet - something that I absolutely love. To make it worse, some of these girls hated the idea of giving me a footjob. Although that might not be so bad for someone without a foot addiction, to me, it was hard to deal with. I love footjobs more than any other type of sex; so being without them was difficult.

As you can see, dating wasn’t always very pleasant for me. It was hard to not be able to tell before hand if a girl would accept me for who I was or think that I was weird. It was harder when the girl was really nice and an amazing person, but they just didn't like doing stuff with their feet. All of this nearly made me give up trying to find someone. That is, until I found

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When I first discovered Foot Fetish Partner, I was definitely skeptical. How was it possible that there was something so amazing out there? I was afraid of it being a scam or not useful, so I didn’t sign up. After a while, my issues with dating were getting worse and so I decided to give it a shot. That was probably the best decision I have ever made. Once I created an account, I was able to find lots of girls that were a good match for me and loved to have their feet worshiped. I was in heaven! changed my life and helped me to find girls that understand my foot fetish. If you’ve got a foot fetish addiction like me, I highly advise you to sign up right now. You won’t regret it!

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