Where Can I Meet And Date Women With A Foot Fetish?

I've always had a foot fetish but it's difficult having a relationship, I don't know how to find a girl that shares my fetish. I was looking up foot fetish sites online when I came across Foot Fetish Partner; a dating site for people that had the same fetish as me. It took two weeks before I had my first date with someone from there but it was worth the wait because it turned out to be a really fun night.

Is It Normalt To Have A Foot Fetish And Share It?!

Laura and I exchanged a ton of messages before arranging to meet at her apartment. When the night finally arrived I got there early but she was ready and waiting for me. She was wearing a short dress and nothing else, her feet were bare and the toes were painted with bright red nail polish. She saw me looking at them and turned her feet this way and that, showing them off to me. I felt my dick begin to stir as she turned and walked to the bedroom, expecting me to follow her. She sat down in a chair and swung one leg over her knee and pointed to the floor. "So you have a thing for feet, do you? Well show me just how much you like them." Laura smirked at me as I knelt in front of her and eagerly picked up her foot. It felt heavy and soft as I rubbed my fingers over her, massaging it. She must have had a bath shortly before I arrived because I could smell vanilla soap and it gave her a fresh, sexy feeling.

I Kissed A Trail Down Her Feet

I pressed my nose against it and inhaled, getting a faint hint of sweat from between her toes. I kissed a trail down the side of her foot then went up to her toes. I began licking over them, wiggling my tongue in between them and tasting her. I made sure to lick very part of her, from her toes down to her sole then did her other foot until they had streaks of spit all over them. "Take your pants off." she said and took her foot off my dick. I quickly did what she wanted as she moved away from me. She went over to her dresser and took out a pair of nylons, holding them up so I could see them. She then went back to the chair and sat down, lifting her foot up and putting it into one end of the nylons. She slowly rolled it up partway up her leg before putting her foot in the other end.

She slid it up slowly then stood up, sliding the nylons over her thighs and waist. It stretched over her body and I wanted to feel the smooth nylons slip over her skin. I went to get on the bed but she pushed me back down to the floor. "No, stay there." she said and slid her ass to the edge of the seat. "I like having you at my feet." she told me and put her nylon covered feet around my dick.The nylons felt a bit rough on my shaft and when she began jerking her feet up and down it made the sensation more exciting. I bucked my hips and she let out a strict "No cumming without my permission." I liked knowing that she was in charge and I pressed my fists into my thighs as her feet pumped my dick faster and faster. I felt tight and my muscles were straining as I tried to control myself. I closed my eyes and made my mind a bank to take the focus off what she was doing to me. It didn't work and I begged her to please, please let me cum. Laura listened to me for ages before she murmured "Okay, you can cum now." I began to relax and after her feet jerked my dick a few more times I came on them.

When I was done she didn't take her feet off me and said "There's lots more I want to to do with you."

Where Can I Find Women With A Foot Fetish
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