My Teacher Gives Me A Foot Fetish Fantasy

Are you just like me, and just gets incredible turned on by watching a teacher in skirt, pantyhose and high heels? I can not imagine how many men must have a foot fetish fantasy based on their teachers they had at University or College. You know, those sexy women in their mid-40's wearing a skirt, pantyhose and high heels. And of course fully aware that their male students couldn't take their eyes of them!

Teachers With A Foot Fetish

You can be sure that they also had their fantasies! Any women who know they are attractive would love to have sex with a young stallion who they can learn every aspect about sex and how to threat a women. And they love to be worshiped. Why do you think they dressed like that? To impress a male colleague? No way! They wanted their own sex slaves who can give them the attention and rough sex that they want! And they want to live out their fetish! What part is a women most satisfied with if they wear pantyhose, skirt and high heels? Their legs and feet!

Japanese Teacher Needs a Foot Slave

This is one of my favourite clips featuring a japanese teacher wearing a white skirt and nylons. Her cute toes are aboslutely amazing underneith that smooth garnment and she knows how to tease someone like me with a foot fetish! I guess she is also one of those who love being fucked while wearing a pair of boots!

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