It Was My Best Foot Fetish Experience Ever

I like to think I’m a pretty adventurous guy in the bedroom, but until I went out with Candice I’d never even thought I could get turned on by feet. I was expecting the night to be just a typical hook-up where we’d go out for some drinks and then go back to her place and have sex but she had something else in mind.

We ended up in her bedroom and as I was taking my clothes off I noticed Candice was standing there watching me. She kept on her little black dress and knee-high black leather boots and I wondered where things were going. “Do you know what I want?” she asked and came closer to me. “I want you to lick my boots.” Her voice was low and sexy when she said it and I felt myself get harder. She stood there with her hands on her hips and a small smile on her face as she waited for me to do what I was told. I thought about it for a second, then thought ‘Why not?’. I got down on my knees and she slid one foot closer to me. I leaned forward, bracing my hands on the floor, and put my face down to her boots. I stuck my tongue out and licked across the top of her boots.

The dry, leathery taste covered my tongue and made my mouth feel a bit like cotton. I knew she was enjoying this by the little purse, she was doing so I kept going, swiping my tongue over her foot and down to her toes. The boots had shiny lines of spit on them and it was really turning me on that I was doing something so demeaning with a woman I’d only just started dating. I licked her faster and she gave a little laugh at my eagerness. “Now take my boots off,” she said and I stopped licking her and then unzipped her boots. I pulled them off and saw that her feet were bare and her toes had been recently pedicured in a dark red color that I love in a woman. I held her foot in my hand and felt her warm, soft skin as I began licking along the top of it. She moaned as my wet, rough tongue slid over her and I licked across her toes before sticking them in my mouth one by one and sucking them. A faint taste of sweat filled my mouth and I moved on to her other foot. I took my time and licked every inch of her foot as I tried to ignore how hard and throbbing my dick was. It was so hard not to touch it or give it a little squeeze.

She took her foot away from me and I knelt there, looking up at her. She sat on the edge of the bed and pointed to the ground in front of her and I moved there while still kneeling. She put her bare feet in my lap and kneaded her toes into my dick. It felt good and I pushed against her, wanting more. She did it a few more times, then cupped them around my dick. Candice obviously had a huge foot fetish and loved everything to do with them. I’ve never had a footjob before and couldn’t wait to see what it was like. She began to slowly move her feet up and down, stroking my dick as pre-cum leaked out of me. I pressed my hands into the top of my thighs and she went faster, pumping my dick as the soft soles of her feet worked me. I put my hands around her, holding her tighter around me, and felt myself getting closer. Her big toes rubbed near my head, putting more pressure there and I was pushed over the edge. My cum shot out and landed in wet blobs all over her feet. They kept pumping my dick, going slower as my orgasm passed and I closed my eyes, panting as I tried to enjoy the last of it.

She slid her feet off me and I immediately missed the warm heaviness of them. She grinned at me and then looked at cum dripping down her feet and onto the sheets. “I knew you were a dirty boy, ” she said, teasing me and I wondered what else she was into.