My Girlfriend Gave Me A Foot Job

I’ve been with my girlfriend Amy for nearly a year now and for the last month or so we’ve been sharing our fantasies with each other. I’ve told her about my foot fetish and she seemed okay with it but we haven’t done anything about it yet. I wasn’t sure if it was because she was uncomfortable with a foot fetish or if she didn’t know what she should do to please me. I thought I would make it easy on her and asked her flat out one night if she would give me a foot job. She seemed surprised and told me she had never done that before. It was a first for me too but I’ve seen enough videos online to know what I wanted to try. I said I’d guide her through it and leaned against the headboard.

She sat in front of me and put her feet in my lap then leaned back on her hands. Her toes prodded at me, rubbing along my shaft and I let her get used to it. She then put one foot o me while the toes on her other foot lay flat and started sliding up and down. the pads of her toes softly tugged on me and I moaned. She looked at me, saw that I liked what she was doing, and got more confident. Her toes moved faster and I bucked my hips up, eager for more.

When I couldn’t take it anymore I put her feet around my dick and felt their soft warmth around me. I enjoyed the feeling for a minute then told her to start moving her feet up and down. She did it clumsily and then found a rhythm as I helped her find what felt good for me. Her feet began to move in slow steady strokes and a drop of pre-cum leaked out of my tip. She shifted her feet closer to my head and gave that area quick jerks, teasing more out of me. It dripped down my head and she touched it with her big toe. It felt amazing but my shaft was throbbing and aching for her feet so I moved them down, covering it again. Her feet knew what to do this time and she jerked my dick like she meant it. She gave my shaft firm, steady strokes and she made a comment about how hard I felt between her feet. She sounded turned on at the thought of doing this to me and I knew she was starting to like it. I was getting close and I pressed her tighter around me as I groaned and told her to keep going. She knew how desperate I was and went faster. I pushed my hips up as the soles of her feet jerked my shaft as I felt myself tighten. I closed my eyes and groaned as I started to cum all over her.

My fingers pressed into her feet as they kept jerking my dick, working my shaft until I wasn’t able to make a sound.

When I was done I kept her feet around me, not ready to lose the feel of them. Amy looked at the drops of cum on her feet and then at me. She seemed nervous as she asked “So did you like it?” and I told her I loved it. She nodded then asked the most perfect thing ever: “So what else do you like to do with feet?”