How I Found A Foot Fetish Partner In My Area

One of the easiest ways you can find a foot fetish partner in your area is to join an online community like Foot Fetish Partner. They have lots of member who come from all over the country, including your area. Many of the members are willing to travel or relocate if it means finding a foot fetish partner they can connect with. Julia was my first date off the Foot Fetish Partner site and it was everything I was hoping for. I had only tried experimenting with my foot fetish a couple of times before with my girlfriends but things didn’t go very far. They weren’t really into it and they only did just enough to make me happy.

None of them bothered to do anything more than rub their feet against me after I asked them to. Julia was different and she knew just what to give me.

My Foot Feitsh Dinner Date With Julia

Our date didn’t start with dinner and a movie, it started with us getting naked and her ordering me to kneel at her feet. They looked soft and her toes were done in a sexy dark red nail polish. “Show e how much you like them.” she said, giving me permission to do whatever I wanted with them. I bent lower as I held one of her feet in my hand, moving closer to it. I smelled it, getting a hint of soap but also sweat. Her toes wiggled as my breath tickled them and her big toe got my attention. I licked along the bottom of it and she pressed it against my tongue, forcing me to really taste her. I put my mouth over it and rubbed my tongue over her, the taste of her covering my tongue. It was a light taste and I massaged her foot while I popped her toe out of my mouth and moved onto the next one. While I was doing this her other foot was playing with my dick, her toes sliding over it.

The top of her foot got slippery as my spit covered her and she moaned, leaning back and enjoying what I was doing to her. My dick was hard and was practically hurting as it got ignored. I slid her baby toe out of my mouth and was going to start on her other foot when she made a deep moan sound that told me to stop. I let her go as she moved away from me and put bother of her feet around my dick, lightly holding it. She squeezed me a bit tighter, curling her feet around me as she said “They feel good, don’t they?” I nodded and put my hand on her foot, wishing she’d go faster. “Look at you kneeling there and naked just so you could play
with them. What would your friends think?” Her feet started jerking my dick up and down as a rush of embarrassment filled me. I don’t know why this turned me on so much but it was our little secret for now. Her feet were heavy and warm on my dick as they moved faster, her toes kneading me just under the head. I tried to keep still so I could feel only her and a drop of pre-cum leaked out of my tip. I rubbed my fingers into the tp of my leg and groaned as she kept working me. After a few minutes I couldn’t
take it any more and came.

Julia relaxed her hold on me and I looked down at her feet. Blobs of cum were all over them, slowly dribbling down the sides of her feet. “Looks like you’re not done using that pretty little mouth of yours.” she said and I got ready to eat my cum off her.

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Top Five Celebrity Foot Fetish Blogs

Feet are awesome – there’s no question about it – and so are celebrities. That’s why photos of celebrities’ feet are so amazing. They combine two of the sexiest things out there. So, to celebrate the sexiness of celebrity feet, I have five photo-blogs for you that are dedicated the subject. They’re all fun, hot, and definitely worth viewing!

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5 – Celebrity Soles

The first blog that I have to show you is Celebrity Soles. It’s a great blog with over 1,500 images of celebrities. In addition, they update weekly so you’ll get fresh new content to view. So why is this blog at the bottom of my list? Despite having great pictures, the format makes it difficult to read any text on the site. It’s not that big of a deal though, because I don’t think anyone is visiting this website for its words.

4 – International Celebrity Feet

International Celebrity Feet is the next pick on my list of outstanding blogs to visit. Like Celebrity Soles, this blog has tons of images of celeb feet. They too update on a regular basis and provide a variety of images of different celebrities. Despite being more commercial in feel than the other blogs, I enjoy International Celebrity Feet. It’s free and a good tool for “relaxation,” if you know what I mean.

3 – Famous Feet

Run by a blogger that is dedicated to the feet of male celebrities, Famous Feet is one of my favorite foot fetish blogs. The blogger takes requests and tags all their images so you can easily find your favorite celebrities. Also, they post often. Interestingly enough though, they won’t post NSFW images, so this blog is safe to be looking at on your phone in public – because you know you’ll want to.

2 – Celebrity Feet

Are Awesome I think we can all agree with the title of this blog. Celebrity feet are awesome and sexy, and this blogger definitely knows it. This site is very similar to Famous Feet, except it’s about women. The blogger takes requests, posts regularly, and knows how to pick out good pictures. One difference, however, is that while I haven’t seen an NSFW image here, some of the pictures do involve lingerie.

1 – Fashion Model and Celebrity Feet Blog

And now, the thing that you have been waiting for: the top celebrity foot fetish blog! The number one blog for the enjoyment of celeb feet is Fashion Model and Celebrity Feet Blog. It’s classy, sexy, and one hell of a foot blog. This blog gets first place due to its perfect symmetry of style, grace, and sexual appeal. These pictures will drive you wild!

In the end, it’s up to you to decide which blogs are your favorites. These are my picks and I hope you enjoyed them. Hopefully, they’ll open you up to (or submerse you further into) the world of celebrity foot fetish blogs.

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Sunny Leone Foot Fetish Video

Have you ever heard of the goddess that is Sunny Leone? If you have, I’m sure that you’re aware of how amazingly hot she is and how great her feet are. If you haven’t, then you should definitely read this article to find out more about her. She’s one of my favorite porn actresses, and if she isn’t one of your favorites already, she soon will be.

All about Sunny Leone

Before I get too caught up in telling you about her feet, I thought I’d talk about who Sunny Leone is. For starters, she’s a sexy, petite woman of Indian heritage. Her skin is a lovely shade of brown, her hair is black, and she’s got gorgeous brown jewels as eyes. She’s currently 32 years old, and a dual citizen of Canada and the United States. She’s made a lot of porn films (all of which are amazing) and won many awards. She’s even done acting for movies that aren’t porns.

A Simple Fact: Sunny Leone Has Feet to Be Worshipped Sunny Leone’s feet outshine most, making her sexy in the eyes of us that have feet fetishes. To show you what I mean, I have three hot videos of the famous star’s lovely feet.

Sunny Leone’s Sexy Black Stockings

First up, I have a video that shows Leone’s great feet while she wears some nice black nylon. Found here, this video is amazing particularly because her face is never shown. Although you can hear her talking to you, the video pays great attention to just her feet, legs, and ass. It’s quite sexy and will surely spark some arousal within you.

Sunny Leone “Goddess” Video

All I can say about this video is “wow.” Okay, well maybe I lied a little, I can say some more about it. For one, I’d like to point out that as sexy as this video is, it isn’t particularly focused on her feet. Don’t worry, though. I’ve picked out the parts that are the best when it comes to viewing her amazing feet in some gorgeous heels. You can find them at 2:25, 2:50, 6:55, 8:04, 9:00, 9:55, and 10:25. Of course, the rest of the video is great too, these are just the best feet parts.

Sunny Leone’s Lickable Feet in Pantyhose

This last video that I have for you is like the first – focused on Sunny Leone’s great feet. You can go here to see the smiling Leone play with her feet while she sits on a couch. Unlike the first one, she doesn’t comment during this, but instead shows off her dazzling mouth. You can see it in her face that she enjoys teasing you, which makes this video sexier.

Sunny Leone and Her Amazing Feet

I hope you love Sunny Leone’s sexy as much as I do. They’re some of the best that I’ve ever seen! If you want to see more of her work, check out her website at